Bellaire West Community Improvement Association (BWCIA)

BWCIA is the community's civic organization.  Their responsibilities include contracting maintenance to the community's common grounds, parks and swimming pool; maintaining the common civic center and renting it to homeowners; enforcing deed restrictions; approving new construction architectural plans; and maintaining a common budget and collecting homeowner fees.

Members of BWCIA also provide another very important service to individual homeowners: provide information and advice to help homeowners solve home and community related issues. For example, BWCIA members provide phone numbers for local representatives and agencies to call for issues such as bad roads, problem animals, and over-hanging trees.

BWCIA hold regular monthly board meetings to coordinate their individual duties and approve new architectural and landscaping designs submitted by homeowners.  An open
general meeting is helped 4 times per year for all homeowners to attend.  Signs are posted alerting homeowners to when the next meeting will take place.

About 15 or 20 homeowners attend these general meetings (out of 1614 homes).

Since 2000, has been funded by a single family in the community. Proceeds from your purchases after clicking the Amazon ad below help offset costs. Thanks!